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Where to begin after Trump?

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First, there’s no “after” Trump for readers of this bit of lament. Trump is “with us” now and has been for some time. As a person (he is a person) he is of no significance. A small mind, a bigot, an ego in need of the most shallow confirmations of greatness — the man is laughable. In most circumstances people like this should elicit pity — the emptiness, the vacuous wandering of an old man without a soul. But here a country, a time, finds itself appointing a fool as its administrator. And, so it is not Trump, but the people that have been “with us” all this time and the people want this evil, the people are and have been this evil. “We the people ….”

Yes, of course, far less than half the population of the United States voted for him. Yes, many voted against him. But this is how rulers are installed — democratically or not, without the will of at least some of the people, they cannot rule. Without the will of the many people that permitted, whether by cowardice or by kindness, a political discourse to give room to rises such as these, such rulers find no court of play.

There is no “after” Trump. Trump has been with us and will be with us. That he raises his hoary head now with no adornments, with no subterfuge, with no etiquette to blunt the edges, only makes the truth that much clearer. There’s no hiding now behind feigned principles. With rulers such as this, you are with him or you are the opposition.

Written by Jere

November 14, 2016 at 9:33 pm

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